"Aligning Oneself With What One
Does As Their Life Work Is Key To 

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Roger Wetzel M.A.

Roger is an accomplished entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, coach and facilitator, focusing on "human software" and self transformation.  Roger is the founder and creator of Second Level Academy which offers the Emergent Spiral Technologies teaching programs based on the understanding of Spiral Dynamics integral and other 21st century human technologies.  Roger is also the founder of Second Level Consulting which focuses on bring adaptive change to organizations of all sizes using proprietary assessments and other proven tools to bring new world solutions to old world problems.  Roger has a Master's Degree form John F. Kennedy University in Transpersonal Psychology.


2 Hour Presentation

How to Increase Your Bottom Line By 20%
 By understanding your best and worst employee

* Do you know why people think and behave as they do?
* Would understanding how your best employee thinks and behaves as                                                                                                            they do benefit?
* Would understanding your most challenging employee thinks and behaves                                                                                                  as
 they do be of benefit?
* Would an increase of your bottom line by 10-20% interest you?

We believe the answer to these questions is yes.  

You are invited to a 2 hour presentation where you will learn to see
yourself, your world, your organization and your employees with a new
and fresh set of lenses.

We GUARANTEE you will come away with a totally different perspective.


$20.00 per person


One Day Workshop

"Putting the Right People in the Right Jobs"

In this one day primer participants will be able to gain a basic
knowledge of our Emergent Spiral Technologies program and 
how they can use some of our time tested proven processes in their

What you will receive:

  • A pre-workshop assessment
  • Introduction to the 9 Life Priority Codes & how they interact
  • Identify problems you face in your organization
  • Come up with new ideas to solve those problems
  • Two follow up calls

                   Was  $695.00
                 Now  $495.00

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